Like most artists, I make my work in series. Past works shown here are examples of both the Spot series and the Shoe series. Some of the shoes were private commissions; others were for an exhibition which was then auctioned to raise money for Barnado's. For this I borrowed shoes (only worn ones) from various people, some of whom were well-known, and made a painting of them. Some were in pairs, or even families.


I take commissions for these.

The spot paintings are all in acrylic on canvas, and vary in size from 50cm x 50cm to 122cm x 122cm. Some of them are for sale.

The shoes are also in acrylic, and start at 30 x 30 cm for single pairs, like the black Guccis above, pink background - they belonged to Ryan Giggs. The large black lace-ups, yellow ochre background, were Bryn Terfel's size 13s and so that one is 50 x 50cm.